VERT Sites is a Materials Management services and consulting firm. We manage, reduce, and divert waste for events, hospitality, construction, and commercial business leaders and help facilities reach their zero waste goals and zero waste certifications. 

VERT Sites implements comprehensive Materials Management and sanitation strategies that achieve the best results for your business, facility, or event. 

Some of services include:

• GBCI-TRUE Advisor Zero Waste facilities certification
• Waste audits and bin right-sizing
• Sanitation needs for construction, contractors, and events
• Hauler contract and services audits
• On-site waste and diversion event management services
• Zero waste event coordination
• Waste diversion and reduction development and implementation
• Stakeholder training and communications
• Supply chain and procurement review and recommendations
• Materials management and donation management
• Sustainable deconstruction

VERT Sites offers unique services that will cultivate short and long term waste diversion progress and bring social, environmental, and fiscal value to your business.


Organizations we support

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