Every Construction, remodel, and development project produces waste, and C&D debris represents a large portion of total waste streams. In fact, Construction & Demolition accounts for 40% of all solid waste being landfilled. This industry provides one of the biggest opportunities for Materials Management and planning. Waste is a sign of site and project inefficiency. Waste diversion improves site management and reduces waste costs. 

VERT Sites provides services that address the handling of C&D debris materials in an environmentally and economically responsible manner. We analyze your site materials, assess end-market solutions for hard-to-dispose of materials, track your diversion efforts, and train your staff.  We work with you to build and customize a Materials Management Plan for your short and long term construction and development projects.

You can't manage what you do not measure.

VERT Sites helps construction companies and contractors be a leader in the “Greener Frontier.” We help manage and track your waste diversion efforts to provide accurate waste diversion benchmarking and reporting.  


Some of our services include:

  • Waste diversion planning and reporting

  • portable toilet and sanitation consulting

  • Site Signage

  • waste equipment review

  • equipment brokering 

  • waste diversion training

  • Hauler negotiations

  • Materials Management planning and implementation

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