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Every Construction, remodel, and development project produces waste. Currently, Construction & Demolition accounts for 40% of all solid waste being landfilled. Waste is a sign of site and project inefficiency. Waste diversion improves site management and reduces waste costs. 

VERT Sites provides consulting services that works with your budget and project timeline and finds alternative solutions for your site’s materials and waste. We’ll analyze your site materials, assess end-market solutions for hard-to-dispose of materials, track your diversion efforts, and train your staff.  We work with you to build and customize a materials management plan for your short and long term construction and development projects.

You can't manage what you do not measure.

VERT Sites helps construction companies and contractors be a leader in the “Greener Frontier.” We help manage and track your waste diversion efforts to provide accurate waste diversion benchmarking.  


We proudly support and work with Recycle Colorado to provide waste diversion services that meets the Colorado Contractor's Challenge pledge and commitments. 


Some of our services include:

  • Waste diversion planning and reporting

  • portable toilet and sanitation consulting

  • Support with material listings on ReCircle, a materials exchange platform based in Colorado

  • waste equipment review

  • equipment brokering 

  • waste diversion training

  • Site signage