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The C&D industry accounts for 40% of the total waste being landfilled today and is the largest component of solid waste production outside of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) streams. Construction and Demolition waste generation can have significant impacts on a site's hauling and disposal costs, the local community, and the site's and company’s overall sustainability efforts.  

A C&D Materials Management and Resource Recovery Plan will produce long-term sustainable solutions, meet sustainability goals, and streamline your site's operations. 


Waste is a sign of site and project inefficiency. Waste prevention and diversion improves site management and reduces waste costs. 

VERT Sites provides services that address the handling of C&D debris materials in an environmentally and economically responsible manner. We analyze your site materials, assess end-market solutions for hard-to-dispose of materials, track your diversion efforts, collaborate with your subcontractors, and train your staff.  We work with you to build and customize a Materials Management Plan for your short and long term construction and development projects.

VERT Sites provides a variety of services to assist event producers in cultivating a strategic Materials Management Plan and provides on-site Event Management Services to maximize your event’s waste diversion and sustainability goals.

  • Comprehensive Materials Management & Waste Diversion Planning & Implementation

  • Dumpster, totes, and collection bin sourcing and rentals

  • On-site and “boots-on-the-ground” operations & logistics

  • Hauler sourcing and negotiations


  • Jobsite Signage 

  • Branding and Marketing Support

  • Recycling & Contamination Education

  • Monthly Materials Management & Waste Diversion Reporting

  • Material collection facilities sourcing

  • Materials and waste data collection

  • Sanitation Solutions

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