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VERT Sites works with Event Organizers, both big and small, on Materials Management, waste diversion, sanitation solutions, vendor education, and pre and post-event consulting and reporting. 

We provide a variety of services for any size event and private parties, including community organizations and municipality, office and holiday parties, concerts, weddings, nonprofits, and event production companies. We’ll produce a waste diversion plan that compliments your distinct Materials Management needs and waste diversion goals.

Some of our Event Services include:

  • Creating and implementing a Materials Management plan

  • Portable toilet and sanitation solutions

  • Pre and post event analysis and report

  • Equipment recomendation

  • Identifying waste reduction solutions

  • Assistance with equipment site mapping

  • Vendor coordination and vendor recommendations

  • Product recommendations

  • on and off-site training

  • on-site diversion assistance

  • Educational & marketing support

Nobody understands our Event Management Services better than our clients and community partners: