VERT Sites provides award-winning sustainability solutions specializing in Materials Management, waste diversion, and zero waste events. We customize Materials Management programs from inception through execution for music festivals, farmers markets, concerts, conferences, and community events. Our proven strategies reduce, prevent, and divert waste while enhancing your production’s branding and sustainability efforts.  

 Building a waste diversion strategy and actively diverting waste makes sense for your business, guests, and the environment.  Travelers and guests seeking sustainable destinations and environmentally friendly lodging services have increased and gained support over the years.


Waste diversion and Materials Management are essential ways for your customers and guests to recognize your sustainability efforts and to cultivate a greater impact on customer experience. VERT Sites collaborates with you on your business needs to build a waste diversion strategy and foundation that enhances your business and brand and exhibits your waste diversion commitments and achievements.

Our Materials Management Strategist has assisted numerous resorts and lodging companies with their waste planning and diversion efforts and has helped divert over 500,000 pounds of materials and items from being landfilled.

Our Hospitality consulting and support services include:

  • Waste and Material Stream Audits

  • Goal and Waste Plan Management

  • Current Education and Marketing assessment

  • Vendor and Supply Chain assessment

  • Staff and Stakeholder Trainings

  • Diversion Tracking Support

  • Signage