Kat Slaughter
Materials Management Strategist & Founder

Kathryn, or Kat, is an experienced Materials Management and Waste Diversion Strategist with over a decade experience in the Sustainability Industry.

She founded VERT Sites in April of 2019 to pursue her passion in helping events, construction, commercial, and hospitality business leaders with their Materials Management and waste diversion strategies and branding.

She has a comprehensive background in the Waste Industry and an extensive understanding of Material Marketplaces.


Kat is a TRUE Zero Waste Facilities Advisor and she has completed the Global Sustainable Tourism Council's Sustainable Tourism Program.

She is currently the Co-Vice Chair for Recycle Colorado’s C&D Action Committee and regularly attends the Town of Breckenridge’s Events Committee meetings. For two years, she sat on the Town of Breckenridge’s Pay As You Throw Committee and the Town's Recycling Taskforce and was a representative on the Summit County’s Zero Waste Taskforce.


Before VERT Sites LLC, Kathryn was a Sales and Marketing Manager for a Materials Management Hauler, was the Sustainability Manager for a large fractional real estate developer, and served as the Recycling Coordinator for a large ski area. She was a Professor of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy and holds an M.A. in Ethics concentrated in Environmental and Bio-Ethics.


She is a freelance contributor in the waste industry and is passionate about reducing and diverting waste locally, nationally, and globally. Find Kat on Instagram and on LinkedIn.

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