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TRUE and the related logo is a trademark owned by Green Business Certification Inc.™ and is used with permission

VERT Sites provides customized consulting and waste diversion plan management services that create short and long-term diversion solutions.

We design Material Management and waste diversion plans that maximize and support your business and site needs. VERT Sites can execute your waste diversion development from inception to completion, co-collaborate with you and your stakeholders, or solve a short-term waste and materials disposal problem. 


Our Services Include:

  • Waste and Materials Stream Audits and Assessment
  • Short and Long Term Diversion Planning
  • Trainings
  • Staff and Stakeholder Training and Education
  • Supply Chain Audits
  • Waste Prevention 
  • Materials and Container Audits
  • Cost-Benefit Analyses
  • Marketing and Brand Strategies
  • Diversion Tracking Support
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